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無伴奏合唱課程 無伴奏合唱班 Acappella class 演出 表演

A cappella Education
      .We don't need instruments but human voices only

      .Experiencing music with no limits
      .Gaining courage, independence
      and cooperation skills

  • Over 5 years of Professional A cappella Education Experience

  • Tailor-made music arrangements and teaching materials, enjoying the music-making process and boosting confidence

  • Learners from all walks of life - From primary and secondary students, adults and women, to disabled and elderly

  • Available in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

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Team Building in Companies & Associations 
Extra curriculum activities in Schools and Centers

-Development of Acappella music and Appreciation
-Learning basic harmony singing & Beatbox
-Demonstrating Acappella skills with pop songs
-Interactive activity: Harmony & beatbox
-Live Acappella Demonstration

Suggested number of participants: 5 - 400 people

無伴奏合唱課程 無伴奏合唱班 Acappella class


Performing at Annual Dinner for Companies & Associations 

Short-term Experience for Schools & Centers

Integrated Education & Music Therapy elements

Completing a 4-minute song in 4-6 lessons, and ready to perform on stage


-Development of Acappella music and Appreciation

-Learning 1 Acappella song in-depth
-Rehearing & performing in 4-5 voice parts
-Learning basic music theory & singing techniques
-Boosting self-confidence through challenges
-Leading the team in a performance

Suggested number of participants: 5 - 30 people

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Schools & Centers



Rehearing & Performing multiple songs throughout the regular weekly training
--Team building & Practicing Team work
-Singing songs of different genres with Acappella
-cultivating interest in music and self-learning skills

-Boosting self-confidence through challenges
-Learning basic music theory & singing techniques

Suggested number of participants: 5 - 30 people


Primary School
A cappella


secondary School
A cappella


A cappella


A cappella



Partner schools and institutions 合作機構及學校:

Company 公司: 

Jardine Matheson Group 怡和管理有限公司

Asia Society Hong Kong Center 亞洲協會香港中心

Able Engineering Company Limited 安保工程有限公司

Principal Chan Free Tutorial World 陳校長免費補習天地

Non- governmental Organization 非政府機構:

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學

Hang Seng University of Hong Kong 香港恒生大學

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups 香港青年協會

HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre 香港聖公會麥理浩夫人中心

Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service 浸信會愛羣社會服務處

TWGH Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Integrated Services Centre 東華三院賽馬會 天水圍綜合服務中心

YWCA Tin Shui Wai Integrated Social Service Centre 香港基督教女青年會 天水圍綜合社會服務處

ELCHK Tin Shui Wai Integrated Youth Service Centre 基督教香港信義會 天水圍青少年綜合服務中心

ELCSS Integrated Service Center for Reconciliation 基督教香港信義會 圓融綜合服務中心

HKYFG Jockey Club Tin Yuet Youth S.P.O.T. 香港青年協會 賽馬會天悅青年空間

Woo Chung District Elderly Community Centre 仁愛堂 - 胡忠長者地區中心

Vicwood K.T. Chong Neighbourhood Elderly Centre 莊啟程耆暉中心

Primary and Secondary Schools 中學及小學 :

Baptist Wing Lung Secondary School 浸信會永隆中學

The ELCHK Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School 基督教香港信義會元朗信義中學

St. Rose of Lima’s School 聖羅撒學校

Tung Tak School 通德學校

HKTA Ching Chung Secondary School  香港道教聯合會青松中學

Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary School 天水圍官立中學

Lingnan Secondary School 嶺南中學

Fanling Lutheran Secondary School 基督教香港信義會心誠中學

Evangel College 播道書院

Kau Yan College 救恩書院

Law Ting Pong Secondary School 羅定邦中學

Fanling Kau Yan College 粉嶺救恩書院

CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School 香港中文大學校友會聯會陳震夏中學

Lock Tao Secondary School 樂道中學

Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School 香港道教聯合會鄧顯紀念中學

Henrietta Secondary School 顯理中學

Wah Yan College, Hong Kong 香港華仁書院

YLPMSAA Tang Siu Tong Secondary School 元朗公立中學校友會鄧兆棠中學

CCC Tai O Primary School 中華基督教會大澳小學

Bui O Public School 杯澳公立學校

Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Primary School 青松侯寶垣小學

Bishop Paschang Catholic School 天主教柏德學校

Northern Lamma School 南丫北段公立小學 

Shatin Tsung Tsin School 沙田崇真學校

Alliance Primary School, Kowloon Tong 九龍塘宣道小學 

C.C.C. Cheung Chau Church Kam Kong Primary School 中華基督教會長洲堂錦江小學 

Oblate Primary School 獻主會小學

Pui Ching Primary School 香港培正小學

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